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Donatella Versace Face Lift

Donatella Versace is a highly regarded fashion designer for the rich and famous, but when it comes to personal style, Donatella thought she could attain beauty by slicing and dicing in the form of a face lift and lip augmentation.

Was this plastic surgery operation successful? You be the judge.


  1. There are many surgeries that don't work out and that is a bog mess then.because you have to go for public appearances and can not help talking about it.
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  2. It is so sad to continue to see how many celebs are ruining their looks. Isn't this a perfect example of why we should heed the adage, "Be happy with what you have."

    Donatella had a beautiful face, now she looks strange. I am all for making the best of what you have with creams, lasers, treatments, etc. if you can afford it, as long as you are being responsible. Surgery is so permanent. It is really sad.

    Just for the record, Donatella deserves credit for keeping in shape. She looks great in that department.

    Taking care of yourself and using products and services with caution is the key. I just do not understand those people that use fillers and surgery which result in very unnatural features. Are they blind?