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Tara Reid Boob Job

If you do decide to get breast implants, the worst possible choice is getting implants that are too big for your body.

And that was the case with Hollywood celebrity actress Tara Reid, the implants she got were much too big and which resulted in major sagging issues.

Kenny Rogers Face Lift

Its not often that a plastic surgery operation results in leaving you almost unrecognizable, but that was the case with singer Kenny Rogers when he got an extreme face life that life him looking more like Mr Rogers in a Halloween decorated neighborhood.

Donatella Versace Face Lift

Donatella Versace is a highly regarded fashion designer for the rich and famous, but when it comes to personal style, Donatella thought she could attain beauty by slicing and dicing in the form of a face lift and lip augmentation.

Was this plastic surgery operation successful? You be the judge.