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Tara Reid Boob Job

If you do decide to get breast implants, the worst possible choice is getting implants that are too big for your body.

And that was the case with Hollywood celebrity actress Tara Reid, the implants she got were much too big and which resulted in major sagging issues.


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  2. Those boobs look awkward. Remember that there are always limitations. Know when to stop yourself. After all, bigger isn't always better.

    Glinda Cauthorne

  3. Remember that, when opting for such a procedure, the implants should fit or match your body size. Sagging breasts are the normal issues that surface with oversized implants. I believe that she will look better with the help of consultation from experts.

    Jacinto Hukle

  4. You are right, Jacinto. Oversized implants will lead to saggy breasts in the future. This can still be avoided if the implants can be fixed by capable surgeons. Tara Reid should head to her trusted surgeon to address her condition. There’s still hope and definitely a variety of choices to choose from with regards to solutions and medications.

    Terry Bayer